Fill in the blank

Start a blankchat to see how people complete your sentences.

How does it work?

Simply compose a post and add an underscore "_" anywhere you want.

A blankchat will then appear for your followers to fill in.

Blankchat squared

Compose a post and add two connected underscores "__".

Post format extras

(b)Bold text(/b)
(i)Italic text(/i)
(u)Undersline text(/u)
(s)Crossed text(/s)

(h1)H1 tag(/h1)
(h2)H2 tag(/h2)

(li)Order 1(/li)
(li)Order 2(/li)
(li)Order 3(/li)

(ol)Another order 1(/ol)
(ol)Another order 2(/ol)
(ol)Another order 3(/ol)

(center)Centered text(/center)
(left)Text align left (/left)
(right)Text align right (/right)

Advanced links for text

or just type and it will link automatically.