The Duran
What was the most nauseating moment at the 2017 Oscars?
Haven't watched them! Heard they got Best Picture wrong! 😃

4 Oscar 2017 moments that made you want to vomit

When will hollywood celebs stop lecturing the world about politics and just get on with making movies worth watching?

pablo eskobar
Which Trump "bashing" moment do you think had the liberal left eating the most crow?
March 24 2016 US presidential candidate Donald Trump says he thinks Britain will vote to leave the European Union. Speaking to ITV's breakfast TV show Good Morning Britain today, Trump says that he thinks "maybe it's time for a Brexit" because of all the "craziness" that is going on with immigration. Trump also used his interview to call attempts to ban him from Britain "disgraceful."

4 amazing events where instant karma crushed those who mocked President Donald Trump

It's called "the curse of The Don" and it strikes everyone who plays it "smart" by mocking President Donald Trump

One two or even three
dave thorson
Why do you think General Michael Flynn was forced out?
Robert Steele said that the real reasons are because Flynn tried to boss Mattis and Tillerson around too much and he also did not disclose to Pence that his Russian counterpart during the call mentioned to him of a list of high level pedophiles on which Pence's best friend is named. That was what he failed to tell Pence, not that sanctions were mentioned.

This is the real reason why General Michael Flynn was forced out, as explained by Michael Savage

Talk radio host Michael Savage explains how Michael Flynn is a “scapegoat,” in the wake of the national security adviser’s resignation.